From the Company of Shadows Kevin M. Shipp Kevin M Shipp
From the Company of Shadows
     Kevin M. Shipp   
Kevin Shipp was one of the most widely experienced officers in the CIA, occupying positions as an Agent on the Protective Detail of the Director and Deputy Director of the CIA, a manager of ongoing operations, an internal Security Officer, a Counterintelligence investigator tasked to ferret moles out of the CIA, a Counter Terrorism Center officer, a protective operations team leader and a polygraph examiner.  

He provides a virtual encyclopedia of internal and external US intelligence and CIA operations; included for the first time in a single volume revealed to the public. He details several operations he was involved in, giving the reader an insider’s view of what a CIA officer actually does. He describes the important functions of the CIA, its successes and removes the veil covering CIA abuses done under the guise of secrecy. This is an account every American should read.



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The CIA - Shrouded in secrecy.
How does it conduct operations?
Where does it fit in a Constitutional government?

Revealed Kevin's newest book:

  • Accounts of actual CIA internal and external operations
  • CIA counterintelligence
  • Turmoil existing within the CIA
  • The culture of secrecy and its constitutional implications
  • Actual case of CIA cover up
  • Veiled terrorist activity within the United States

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A Must-Read
publication about inside operations of the CIA
and the global threat of terrorism.


"Woodward dismises CIA guard's dispute of Casey deathbed visit" Washington Post


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The CIA is a unique federal organization. It operates under a thick canopy of secrecy. Covert agents killed in the line of duty become lonely stars etched into the wall of CIA headquarters. Those officers that live must remain seated at ceremonies recognizing patriots that serve openly in the military; sacrificing the recognition they so often deserve. This can be a lonely experience. Kevin Shipp knows that feeling. The sacrifices CIA officers have made, including risking their lives, remain hidden; locked away in their memories. For many officers, it is a unique brand of courage that will never be known. This book is about that Agency and the life of one of those officers. It is written to provide a three hundred and sixty degree view of the CIA and how it operates; in the light and in the dark. Kevin Shipp risked his life in service to the CIA and his country. That same courage would later place him between the CIA and the US Constitution. He would become one of the only CIA officers in history to publicly stand up against one of the most powerful agencies in the world.

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"Author Kevin Shipp offers a fascinating insider's view of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from the perspective of someone who lived in the agency's top echelons from the end of the Cold War to the War on Terror.
The book reads like a James Bond novel, only the characters and situations are real. It delves into the CIA's internal politics and abuses of power that he contends has made America less free and less safe."
- Steven Emerson, author of American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Amongst Us. Executive Director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism

"Kevin Shipp has written a fascinating true story of his role in CIA operations.  It's a courageous and complete account of CIA secrecy, operations and the global threat of terrorism."
- Senior Special Agent D.A. Crane, National Counter Terrorism Liaison for the Virginia State Police; Founder and CEO of 2nd Thief, a non-profit organization.

"This is the best account of CIA operations, told by someone who has been there and placed his life on the line for his country."
-Edward J. Pollard, Assistant Director, Protective Operations, U. S. Secret Service (Ret.)

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